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Silage film that meets user requirements

ULTRAX film is used to wrap bales of green forage to produce silage. It was created to effectively insulate the inside of the bale from oxygen, which can lead to undesirable rotting processes. The silage film is extremely durable and comes with the properties to produce the highest quality silage for animals.

12 months of full UV protection

We guarantee that ULTRAX silage film will retain its durability for a minimum of one year after wrapping, making it possible to produce high-quality feed.

What distinguishes our ULTRAX silage films?

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Why is it worth it?

A cost-effective solution for the farmer – see why you should buy our film

Why choose our silage film? We are a Polish manufacturer with many years of tradition and a strong position on the market. We provide proven solutions for the agricultural industry. ULTRAX is the strongest film on the market with safe strength reserves, allowing the wrapping process to be optimised and thus reducing costs.

  • Excellent durability
  • Puncture resistance
  • Great value for money
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ULTRAX – recommended by farmers

Film designed for extreme conditions.
We manufacture the best silage film!

ULTRAX is a high-quality silage film manufactured from technologically advanced materials, using the knowledge and experience of our specialists, gained during many years in the packaging film industry. It is designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. The silage film is manufactured using the tried-and-tested five-layer technology, which enables different raw materials, which fulfil different tasks in the film structure, to be precisely distributed over the individual layers. This provides the film with an adhesive layer, two mechanical layers, a barrier layer and a protective layer. ULTRAX silage film is highly resistant to mechanical damage and has low oxygen permeability. It has a strong adhesive and protects the green forage from UV radiation.




ULTRAX film is thick enough, puncture resistant, does not crack – excellent in terms of durability.





Thanks to ULTRAX we have made silage that horses are eager to eat and it keeps them in much better condition. I can’t imagine any other form of feeding.

Stable owner




I have tested many films and ULTRAX is the best value for money. We were able to quickly minimise feeding losses.

Cattle breeder

Mechanical damage resistance

The resistance to mechanical damage of the ULTRAX film is a result of the aforementioned five-layer technology used in its manufacture, as well as the use of the most modern and extremely resistant polymers, the so-called metallocenes. This ensures that the silage film is puncture resistant both before use and after wrapping the bale and coming into contact with sharp grass blades, straw and branches. This prevents the formation of holes and the ingress of oxygen into the bale, the presence of which leads to the rotting processes inside the feed.

Strong PIB-type adhesive

In the manufacture of the silage film, we have used a high-quality PIB-type adhesive that bonds the layers of film together in a way that prevents the formation of gaps that can cause oxygen to enter the feed. This type of adhesive is characterised by its extraordinary strength and resistance to adverse factors such as moisture, dust and low and high temperatures. The advantage of ULTRAX film over other silage films on the market is its adhesive layer, in which the adhesive is accumulated, offering a better bonding.

UV protection

The green forage bales from which silage is made are usually located in the field, where they are deprived of protection against the adverse effects of weather. ULTRAX silage films are enriched with substances resistant to the negative effects of UV radiation, thanks to which the interior of the bale is properly protected.

Low oxygen permeability

The barrier layer of ULTRAX silage film is made of a special high-density material, which prevents oxygen penetration through the film and protects the feed from rotting. Additional properties of ULTRAX silage film include attractive packaging and a high level of colouring.

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E-TRAX is an ecological silage film – approximately 20% of the raw materials used in its manufacture come from recycled sources, so it is offered at an attractive price while maintaining a decent level of performance.

We care for our planet – 20% of recycled raw materials.


Benefits of E-TRAX silage wrapping film

The use of E-TRAX silage wrapping film offers numerous benefits to users. These are primarily:

Choose ULTRAX film and produce the best animal feed

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